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IMLYGIC® Clinical Overview and Handling Guide

Use this instructional guide to review efficacy, dosing, and administration details, and to get information about integrating IMLYGIC® into your practice.

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IMLYGIC® Product Ordering Guide

IMLYGIC® is shipped from select authorized specialty distributors—use this guide to find a qualified distributor. Also find information on ordering options, the order and delivery schedule, product storage, and the IMLYGIC® freezer program.

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IMLYGIC® Delivery Schedule

Because of its special properties and storage requirements, IMLYGIC® is shipped on a fixed delivery schedule for coordination with patient scheduling. Download and print a copy of the schedule here for convenience.

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IMLYGIC® Operational Planning Checklist

Get some key product information, including packaging details, information on ordering IMLYGIC®, and storage and handling requirements.

The Prescribing Information provides all of the requirements for handling IMLYGIC®. This Checklist is not intended to serve as a replacement for the Prescribing Information.

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IMLYGIC® Product Fact Sheet

This sheet provides a product overview of IMLYGIC®, including dosing strengths and schedule, administration details, ordering and shipping information, and storage and handling requirements.

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Lesion Tracking Sheet

The Lesion Tracking Sheet can help you document treatment of melanoma lesions. 

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Before using IMLYGIC® it is important to review the Prescribing Information. IMLYGIC® requires special storage conditions. Please see the Prescribing Information (section 2) for details on preparation and handling, including guidance on thawing and storage of IMLYGIC® vials.

Register IMLYGIC® Customers

Orders of IMLYGIC® are managed directly by Amgen. Please complete a Customer Registration Profile at the IMLYGIC® Customer Registration Page to ensure that Amgen has the information needed for processing your orders.